Yogi Vemana University conducts examinations for all the undergraduate (Semester), Post graduate (Semester wise) and Ph. D programme. Examination wing is dealing with question paper setting (External), preparation of exam schedule, evaluation of student’s paper, declaration of results, awarding degrees and certificates. The examination wing is fully confidential, computerised and ensure quick services.


a) The cycle of examinations maybe said to commence with the issue of Notification and receipt of Applications for examinations.


a) Candidates appearing for an examination for the first time have to pay the full fees prescribed for the whole examination. There is no provision for the candidates to appear only for a part of an examination in their first appearance. It shall be carefully checked whether the prescribed fee for the examination including the Application Fee, fee for supplying the Marks Card and Processing fee has been paid by the Candidates.
b) The rates of Examination Fee for various examinations and for different parts/ divisions/ papers will be as fixed by the University from time to time and duly notified. The rates of Examination Fee, Marks Card Fee, Application Form Fee, and Processing Fee will be in the respective notifications as in separate circulars.
c) Candidates for examinations whether Freshers or Repeaters shall pay the examination fees, in the college where they have studied last and obtain the receipts.
d) Cheques, Money Orders or Postal Orders shall not be accepted.
f) Examination Fee, Marks Card Fee, Application Form Fee, and the Process Fee collected by the college should be credited to the FEES AND REMUNERATION ACCOUNT of the Yogi Vemana University Funds. However, candidates appearing through the School of Distance Education and Continuing Education shall pay the examination fee as per instructions issued from time to time.


a) Candidates whether Freshers or Repeaters have to send their Applications for examinations through the college where they studied last. Applications of candidates who have studied one year of the course in one college of Yogi Vemana University or is constituent/affiliatedcollege and the subsequent year of the course in another college, should not be accepted in the first college even for the earlier year examination and they should be directed to submit their Applications through the second college i.e, the college where they are studying or studied last.
b) The candidates may be clearly instructed as to the mode of filling the Application Forms. Name of the candidate shall be the same as in the Admission Register maintained in the college. Candidates shall write their names in full with initials in their applications. Change of name, if any, shall be supported by a copy of the University Order approving it.
c) In the event of wrong entry of name or wrong spelling in the Marks Memos, consolidated marks memo, Provisional certificate, Original Degree (Convocation), Migrationetc. will only be issued by the University on receipt of Application through the College in case the mistake has crept in at Tabulation level. However, if the candidate has given slightly different name or different spellings in the Application Form, other than what he has given at the time of Admission to the College, in such a case the candidate will have to pay the prescribed fee for the issue of Marks Memos, consolidated marks memo, Provisional certificate, Original Degree (Convocation), Migration etc. and apply through the Institution where he or she studied last.
(d) The Application Form is the same for the Freshers and Repeaters. Only one Application has to be submitted for all the examinations. For instance, a candidate appearing for more than one year they have to submit application for each year. Application giving details of each examination in the respective columns.
(e) Register Number, year and month of passing the previous qualifying examination shall be checked with reference to the Office records and mistakes, if any, be rectified.
(f) In the case of failed candidates, the Register Number, year and month of first appearance and subsequent appearances shall be checked. If part or parts already completed, exemption or the benefit of ordinance which the candidate has obtained at the previous attempts shall be clearly indicated giving Register Number, month and year. The part/subjects in which the candidate desires to take the examination shall be noted in the columns provided for the purpose, both in the Application Form and in the Candidate List.
(g) In respect of fresh candidates of first year, the student shall fill the ICMR form which will generate the data for correspondence. In respect of candidates for the second/third year, as well as Repeaters, the candidates should fill their original Register Numbers signed to them in the first year in the space provided. Each candidate will be given one number at time first year exam and that will carry/continue the same Register Number throughout the course and for all examinations thereof.
(h) In the case of candidates who migrate from other Universities, the certified Photostat copies of Marks Cards of earlier examinations passed and a copy of the Letter conveying the approval of admission by the Dean, College Development Councilof Yogi Vemana University shall also be enclosed along with the Application Form, without fail.
(i) The college shall scrutinize and take full responsibility for all the entries made in the Applications by the candidates.
(j) The column Progress and Attendance in the Application Forms in respect of candidates appearing for an examination for the first time shall be filled up after checking the Attendance of the candidates. Candidates whose Attendance is not satisfactory at the time of scrutiny but who are likely to makeup the shortage during the remaining part of the term shall be cautioned of the deficiency by notifying their names and extent of deficiency on the Notice Board of the College. The Applications of such candidates may be accepted after obtaining an undertaking from them to the effect that they are applying for the examination at their own risk’.
(k) If the last date for the receipt of Applications is declared a General Holiday, for any reason, the Heads of Institutions may receive the Application and Fee on the following working day.
(l) Heads of Institutions may use Facsimile of their signature when the number of Applications is large.
(m) In the case of candidates appearing for the first time, clear instructions shall be given that they have to produce the class records (in respect of subjects with practicalexaminations) at the time of taking practical examinations by making an announcement in the class rooms and also by announcing the same on the Notice Board. No candidate shall be permitted to take the Practical Examination without producing the class record, duly certified by the Head of the Department when he/she appears for the first time.


2.1 The minimum requirement of Attendance differs from Course to Course.
2.2 The Attendance requirement of the Courses are specified in the Regulations governing each Course.
2.3 As application for examinations are called long before the close of the Semester term or the Academic year as the case may be, it may not be possible to calculate the Attendance of the candidates at the time of dispatch of Applications to the University. 2.4 (a) In calculating the number of periods, the actual number of periods held in a subject including the practical hours, as the case may he, shall be taken into consideration. The calculation shall be made normally from the date of commencement of the term days in respect of students other than First Year/I semester course. In case of students joining the First year/Semester of any course afresh, Attendance shall be calculated from the last date fixed for Admission to the course.
However, when the University permits an Admission to a Course, after the last dateoriginally prescribed is over, to comply with the orders of Court or on its own as a special case for good reasons, Attendance shall be calculated from the date of the actual Admission of the candidate.
(b) if any candidate joins the Course late on his own by giving an undertaking to the effect that “Attendance shall be at his own risk in their college”, the calculation of Attendance shall be made from the date of commencement of classes.
(c) So far as the students who join the course in the middle of the Academic year/term on transfer basis from another University or Institution, the percentage of Attendance put in by the candidate in the other University/Institution before such Transfer Admission and the percentage of Attendance put in the present Institution shall be added for calculation of Attendance.
2.5 Students who participate in the various activities such as Sports, NSS. NCC., Scout camp conducted by the University or the Government with specific permission of the Principal could also be given Attendance for the reasonable period of their being away from the college.